So Suspension is something that a lot of people take for granted, and one of the last things people fix on their cars. You've all seen the old Caddy's or the Station Wagon that's bouncing down the road, and not because of hydraulics. I'm sure you've also seen those slammed Civics and Subarus on the street. And who hasn't seen the slick track cars that turn on a dime?


In this section of the site, you'll find information regarding how major parts of suspension work, and the options available for your Accord.

Common Knowledge

Our Hondas use a typical spring and strut setup for both the front and the rear wheels.
A spring is compressed by the weight of the car and acts as an absorber for bumps, dips, and cracks in the roads you drive on. The strut slides through the compressed spring to reduce the oscillation provided by the spring's and car's movement. As the strut moves in and out, it attempts to resist the movement to make your ride as smooth as possible. With proper alignment, your tires can and will provide the best traction and wear patterns for your wallet. Aligned incorrectly, and you'll eat through tires faster than you can make the money!

Gimme More!

OK Britney, here you go!

Dampers (shocks/struts)
Coil Overs
Alignment (camber/toe)

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