Change Cabin Filter

Changing your Cabin Filter can decrease the amount of dirt and debris traveling in your A/C system. It can also free the ducts of any blocking that might be occurring from a filthy filter, and produce more air output in return. Normally, the dealership would charge you a hefty price for something so easy. This one is one that you'll ask why you never did it yourself to begin with. Or maybe you're asking, "Hmm… I wonder what mine looks like?"

Go look and see!


Since this is such an easy job, we'll just list this in a simple bullet format:

  • Start by emptying your glovebox.
  • Locate arms on the outside of the glovebox storage-cavity, and unsnap (slides back) them from the panel.
    • Some models have it on both sides, others may have it on just the side that faces the door.
  • Squeeze storage-cavity's sides to allow the glovebox to drop down.
  • Locate filter with clips (it's hard to miss) and remove the unit.
    • Some models are clipped in from the filter-holder and need to be unsnapped, others may require you to pinch the clips and pull off with the filter-cartridge.
  • Remove old filter.
  • Reverse steps to install!!
  • Enjoy your fresher air!


Someone was productive enough to create a video of the process, found on YouTube

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