Cat-Back Information


When you hear people say Cat-Back for the first time, you're generally finding yourself thinking, "huh?"
Simply put, it's a shortened term for the phrase "from the rear of the catalytic converter, all the way to the back." See why we just say "cat-back?"
From a technology stand-point, you want to optimize the way the impulses from your header and cat flow after another. Contrary to belief, you do NOT want excessive back-pressure in your exhaust system. It must be the perfect amount, and can be "tuned" by adjusting your pipe size, and the types of mufflers you use. Generally, these tuned pipes are larger than stock parts, and for Accords (non-Turbo) you want to shoot for 2-2.25" inner diameter.

Is that it?

Well, no point in re-iterating the iterated.
Check out this article that will explain the basics over at Team Integra

Show me yours!

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